Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Site Critique

So, I found a couple websites that caught my eye to write about for my school assignment... I'll even supply you the links to them so you can check em' out yourself.

Pretty sweet, eh? So let me tell you what I like about them. Ill focus on the Stem Cell Foundation's site.
The first thing that caught my eye when I opened up the page was the animation of stem cells replicating. It was intriguing and made me want to see what else the website had to offer.  Im not originally attracted to the topic of stem cells, but their website did make me want to learn a little more about it.

The navigation is laid out as a menu on the left hand side of the screen, which will lead you to the information you are mostly likely looking for. Interspersed are cool animations and videos relating to stem cell research.

When dealing with a medical subject, usually subdued colors are used. But with this website, they took some liberties and used a bright color palate. There is lots of white space, so when the intense colors are used, it doesn't seem as overwhelming. 

There is good fluidity throughout the website, and it seems to all connect well and seem pretty seamless. Even when just sitting at the home screen, there are videos constantly playing and people moving, giving it a good sense of action. Since the main point of this website is to call the viewer to action, I think this is a pretty good relationship they have building.

The type is all very simple and clean looking. With such fluidity in the images and animation, it is important to have that structure there with the typography. The fluid stem cell shapes throughout the whole website create an appealing repetitious motion that is fun to navigate through.

This site has a pretty wide audience it is built for, most all adults. With such a generic audience I think they were successful in making their site to appeal to a wide range of people. Its basic but with a punch of design added in. When viewers linked to this website they could find what they were looking for: How to help with  the cause of stem-cell research, how to donate, or just to  hear stories of those affected by this research.

I wish I had some cool websites I have made like this. But I guess it will just have to be wishful thinking for now... One day Ill be cool like that. 

So we have a website design that we are starting in class here pretty quick. Im not exactly sure what I'm going to do mine on yet. Maybe something on living the small town life, since, hey that's what I do. Or maybe about cats. ok, maybe not. Actually, let me just think about that for a little while longer. Ill let ya know what I come up with!

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